In life there are many types of relationships.  Here at Koru Motion the best way to manage a connection is through a foundation of mutual respect.  When we discuss your needs we may find the best solution if we know more about what your organization does and where it is going.  Establishing a relationship no matter where the business end of it goes is critical especially in this valley we live in.


If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.  -Paulo Coehlo.

Koru Motion is updated!  The website was due for an upgrade.  Telling my clients to keep up with their site is a bit easier than updating mine.  Either way this site should assist clients and clients-to-be in finding what they need to choose a provider for their web &


ShoulderHennaHere in the Pacific North West we are so fortunate to have many artists and art surrounding us.  If you are Chelle at Henna Moon you create art that is temporary and seen by many on a person.  It was so amazing to work with Chelle on her website she is a fabulous artist and a great business woman.


_MG_5857One of the most exciting things I do in my job is product shoot photography.  From the planning to receiving the products to foraging for props or incorporating what is provided,