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Recently did an Office 365 Professional implementation for a medium-sized local business.  I was there doing web and marketing work and the users were having issues with accessing desk-tops, a lack of version control of office software challenged smooth work-flow, and there were no mobile apps enabling out of office access and completion of tasks.

The first step in these situations is to ask the users what they want and how the software/hardware could better serve them.  Once this step was complete I did a network and node map of their hardware and software noting what web based client software was in place as well as how they accessed their hardware and printers.

The solution I recommended was a combination of both Office 365 Pro, Bitdefender Total Security for Enterprise, and a cloud-based version of Quick Books to upgrade their 2006 (yikes!) software version.  These were implemented on 21 desktops, 34 mobile devices including tablets and phones in both Android and Apple.  Desktop access controls were set in place as well allowing security measures to be put in place for protection from end-user installation and damage to computers.  Finally new, more secure passwords were required and we did training on the use of all these new softwares as well as how to spot phishing and malware emails.  These folks were afraid of the upgrade at first but ended up getting comfortable with it and were excited that they could access their Office software from anywhere through the portal and One-Drive For Business.