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In anticipation of site ranking changes by Google in July concerning SSL certificates that allow a website to show HTTPS instead of just HTTP, customers are requesting information about if they need one and which one they need.  Even if your site is not ecommerce, that is you don’t process credit cards, it is a good idea to purchase one for each active website.  Please contact me if you have any questions or need to move forward with your purchase.

Read the information below for a synopsis of the offerings as well as the pricing and options from GoDaddy here.

  • Google positions HTTPS-encrypted websites higher in search results. So an SSL protects your customers and also helps more people to find you.
  • We (GoDaddy) use the industry’s strongest encryption technology. It protects data transmitting from browser to web server and is virtually uncrackable.
  • Google and Mozilla mandate HTTPS-connection (or SSL) for websites that have intake forms. If your website does not use HTTPS, a Not Secure warning with red exclamation mark will display in the browser’s address bar.