Digital asset management (DAM) is the aggregation or consolidation of digital files for access and storage across an organization.  While this may sound like something only a larger company might do it is critical to all organizations especially smaller ones who cannot afford to loose everything.  Failures of hardware, software, networks, and employees are common.  Imagine the cost of recreating or hunting for logos, images, quotes, client order history etc.  Even if you do not experience a failure the time it takes for folks to look for files, share files and then keep track of versions can be costly.

DAM allows for the storage and back up of all file types with permissions or rules that allow users who require it the access they need without allowing accidental deletions or changes.  It also allows for files to be tagged so they can be searched for with ease another way to save money.

This type of solution is very cost effective and can be implemented quickly and securely.

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With DAM an organization can rest assured knowing their digital assets are secure and redundant (backed up).  Find out more about DAM and how to use cloud or local intranet storage to manage your important files, photos, documents, emails etc.