Skagit County including Mount Vernon, Burlington, La Conner, Bow, and beyond has many small businesses working to promote themselves using web, Facebook, and print advertising.  It is amazing how many spas and coffee houses there are and they all continue to stay open.  I attribute this mainly to marketing.  Marketing is defined as the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.  Marketing services we provide:

  • Marketing Plans & Business Development plans
    • Brand Creation or Update
    • Web-Creation & Maintenance
    • Content Creation including Blog maintenance
    • Social Media – FB, Twitter, YouTube Channel, Google, Instagram
    • Graphic Design – Collateral, Business Cards, Promotional Pieces
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -Website & Internet Content
    • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)-Email, Paid Search
    • Web/Print Advertising & PR Campaigns
    • Multimedia Services (Video & Photography)-Tell The Story
    • Project Management- Product, Business Launch

It used to be you could put yourself in the phone book and folks would find you.  Now there are so many ways to find a business web, mobile, review sites, Facebook, print, and traditional word of mouth.  How does a small business decide where to put their ad budget?  This is one area I excel.  Clients consistently thank me for making sense of all of the options and I am so glad you taught me how to manage this.  With all the options I like the Who, What, Why approach to start the conversation about what marketing services bundle is right:

  • Who are you (your business)?
  • What do you sell/offer?
  • Why choose your business?

There is also another question to ask:  Why are you engaging in change and what do you want to see happen?

Ultimately the solution we craft will depend on many factors perhaps the most important being: Can your business maintain the things we create for long term?