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Cisco Made Here

Cisco is full of super talented, highly driven people. As you get to know more about your team members, you find out how amazing they are both at and outside of work.  People have silky voices, are passionate about karaoke, know opera, write technical blogs for fun, know Camtasia inside and out.  They are not only talented but care about helping others.  As a person delivering creative content, I have seen how much these things cost at retail, and I started to wonder if their skill sets could be leveraged to augment projects and how to make this work.  To also find out the leadership I encountered supports their staff crossing the silo barriers to lend a hand while exercising their creative minds and learning about what others do is a win win!  I created the idea of Cisco Made Here to secure VO and demo footage at a lower cost for my projects, what I found was a wellspring of amazing people and support that blew my mind.  This program is fledgling, but the friends and creative we have made feels incredible. The video is from a technical team member who has operatic vocal skills in addition to his piano keyboard acumen. To learn about people’s passions is such a gift!


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