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Global Christian Cross

When I met Gene Planck, a wonderful Navy man who served in Vietnam, I really was struck by his humanity, love of languages and his journey in his long lifetime.  When I found out he was working on a cross designed to honor all the symbols of Christianity together, I asked how I could help.  In our discussions he also shared he is designing new flags for states in hopes of honoring the history of the states in a new way, working to create visible designs rather than small circular seals.

Cross Project: I am providing the following services pro-bono:

  • Editing the sketch file for the new designs to prep it for CNC and 3D prototype printing.
  • Working on creation of the supply chain including intellectual property, business formation, manufacture, packaging, and fulfillment.
  • Determining demographics, brand ID, GTM strategy, social media, point of sale displays.


  • Designed 10 flags so far using Adobe Photoshop
  • Edited copy and designing the flags into a booklet for Gene to socialize with state and federal leadership.

Happy to help this lovely human and veteran.  The CNC shop we are working with is also veteran owned.