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About Christine

As a human at work, Christine is an enterprise marketing professional with a background in media creation, digital transformation, SAAS software, payments, eCommerce and hardware product management and delivery projects. Currently, she creates and manages campaigns and creative content including videos for web, live events and social.   In every project she manages, she strives to bridge silos between departments, agencies, and personas to enable the best possible outcome.  Communication, knowing the internal and external customer, and measurement are important keys to a successful journey.

Christine has a technical background in software, hardware and digital transformations.  She has experience in scoping and deploying solutions with a host of teams including security, dev, web, compliance, QA, UX, CX, database, Oracle, and SQL.  She attends and leads standups and is currently studying for her Agile SAFe certification.

As a human expressing creativity and connecting communities, Christine volunteers, teaches, creates and participates in volunteer programs that make it possible for 501Cs, NGOs, and other organizations and peoples to access housing, water, services, and art.  She is passionate about storytelling and uses a variety of methods including video, stills, audio and copy to capture and tell stories.   She creates and brings art to Burning Man.  Additionally, she volunteers in art programs and formally was an adjunct professor teaching Technology Compliance and Auditing (SOC2, HIPAA, SOX, NiST) at Whatcom Community College.  In a past life, Christine was an international professional basketball player.

What's in a name

The word “koru” is from the language of the Maori ~ New Zealand Indigenous People. It is the name given to the newborn, unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace. These symbols are the core cultural values of KoruMotion. Christine had the great fortune to visit New Zealand and experience the people and beauty there.  The trip was so inspiring it is the foundation of her work with others, to put ideas in motion with positivity and grace.