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Lacking.  We have all felt we are lacking something at some time.  Some truly are lacking in the physical and spiritual sense and need assistance.  I participate in countless hours of community volunteer work to assist those in danger, hungry and facing other challenges.  Lacking popped up for me as I was at a local bookstore and the Romance section was woefully lacking.  This made me laugh and then wonder how romance is an art that appears to be lacking from lives on both sides of relationships for many people I know.  In college I worked for See’s candy and there would always be a line out the door on Valentine’s Day from 4-5:30 PM.  Many (sorry guys) males came in to get chocolate for their partners at the last minute to avoid couch surfing. Some received nothing at all, so at least they were making an effort. Some had stopped by the bar first making us wonder if romance was a priority and we also thought how the females might be making longer term plans.  No matter what we discussed as we watched these people stream in to check the romance box, there is still how the person feels. Are they lacking?  This vending machine promises “The Good Stuff”.  What makes something good?  It appears it is a state of mind.  Just as currency has value because we believe it does, if we feel full then there will be no lacking.  Examining the areas we are lacking and finding the courage, words and actions to fill up these gaps is a commitment to self and others we are connected to.  It is not always easy as some do not have the vocabulary for self they can use with others and the lacking is underground.  This scenario can be very challenging to navigate in the business world as we move faster and faster.