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Water is life.  One blog post will hardly cover what water is, so I plan to make this a series. My life has been anchored by water not only as a bringer and sustainer of life, but as a constant force physically around.  The waters of the Pacific Ocean have always been close, and when I travel they were close in my heart.  The creatures, the early AM paddling sessions, the barrel rolls, the ice cream headaches, the caress of the sun while drying out. All of these fabulous, sensory, ancient, encounters create an in the moment bliss I have yet to achieve its’ equal. When in the mountains, the lakes and streams provide a constant reminder of the web of life and death.  Living water is a whole other area for exploration.  It is clear we can do better as souls and as species in many areas, but water is one that feels hyper critical so I work to steward water today and reduce single use plastic in my home, community and beyond.