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Technology Transformations

While this site is mainly aimed at sharing my creative projects and process, my career and aptitude foundations are built on hands on tech, networking, colocation, access, software and hardware configuration and deployment for enterprise.  I have designed and built my own products as well and brought SAAS payment and AI driven applications to MVP and market using agile methodologies.  My skillset enables me to build the product/service while also being able to direct and deploy marketing strategies, measure and adjust the results.  Additional areas of experience include payments, compliance, SSO, security, cloud, pharma, healthcare, CPGs and entertainment.  Solving technical problems and transforming operational workflows to allow secure, compliant, and clear paths to efficiency is a space I thrive in as a consultant, a project and program manager.  Change management and documentation are also strengths of mine that I recommend with transformation. My technical aptitude allowed me to accept a position as adjunct professor at Whatcom Community College, where I taught Business 303: Technology Compliance and Auditing online/after work.  I appreciated the opportunity to uplift and empower 3rd year students to absorb the dry material and learn how corporations deal or avoid their security and privacy.  Areas of study: NiST, SOX, HIPAA, PII. PIA, Payments, Security, Cloud.