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WordPress is a wonderful platform I have been working in for over 10 years.  My experience includes implementing themes and creating custom code for eCommerce, Captcha, social, membership, payments, NWMLS (real estate), classes and a host of other functionalities.  Many sites change hands, but I have shared a few examples of live sites in my portfolio.  What the end user does not see when they visit a site is the back-end hosting, security, marketing automation, back up, SSL and other integrations that are key to a healthy site.  My site uses the Overton theme a responsive WordPress site package I bought on ThemeForest. It is bonus it is called Overton because the former oldest living Veteran, Mr. Overton is a big inspiration in my life.  I have included his biopic in my blog. There are a couple sites I feature on my portfolio, if you want to dig deeper contact me.